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Quality Roof Repair in Kamloops and Surrounding Areas


Whether you are looking to replace a portion of your existing roof or if you want to replace the entire rooftop, our team at T & N Roofing can help you with professional roof repair and replacement services in Kamloops.


We are well equipped and experienced to provide our services for all commercial & residential roofing needs: new construction, re-roofing, flat roofs and more. We provide quality services that ensure our customers' satisfaction with our work. We serve both contractors and homeowners. Be sure to ask us about our 50-year warranty!

Do you require roof repair in Kamloops? We invite you to reach out to us for a consultation. In addition to this, we offer re-roofing services.

What We Do


Our repair services:

  • Residential Roof Repairs: Our roofing specialists can repair any style and material. We do repairs for pitched, sloped, and flat roofs. We also provide SBS torch-on, cedar shake, and concrete tile repairs. Count on us for top-notch service.
  • Commercial Roof Repairs: We work closely with property owners and building managers. We are fully qualified to carry out your roof repairs with minimal disruption to the occupants.


Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor for Roof Repair in Kamloops

We have provided quality roof repair services in Kamloops for over 30 years and welcome your business. T & N Roofing is the Kamloops roof repair company you can trust for reliable, affordable service and excellent workmanship.

If you decide whether to re-roof or install a new roof, we can help you assess which service best suits your situation. For more information or to book our roof repair service in Kamloops, contact T & N Roofing and request a free quote today.

What Is a Roofing Emergency?
When you have a roofing emergency, it is best to call professionals like us as soon as possible. Doing so can be the difference between simple roof repairs and an expensive replacement. Some common roofing emergencies are:

  • Impact on the roof: During a storm, objects such as trees can fall on your roof. This can result in punctures that can expose parts of your roof.

  • Torn shingles: Strong winds can sometimes tear off shingles, especially if they're already old and damaged. It can expose the roof deck, which can result in water damage.

  • Heavy snow and ice: While some snow on the roof is normal, abnormally heavy snow is a problem. It can settle underneath the surface and melt, causing extensive moisture damage.

  • Sagging: A sagging roof is one of the most critical roofing emergencies, and it can lead to a collapse of the structure. Water damage, age and rotting wood are some common causes.

  • Clogged gutters: Your gutters are responsible for directing water away from your roof. Obstructed gutters can cause moisture damage to your roof.

  • Leaks: When your roof shows signs of a leak, it is best to attend to the problem immediately because it can become more extensive.

If you have a roofing emergency, please reach out to us for roof repair in Kamloops. You can also consult our FAQs section for valuable information.

Understanding How Extreme Weather Can Impact Your Roof


Prepare for the elements by recognizing the threats that different weather conditions pose to your roof. Tailor your maintenance and preparation strategies based on these considerations.


  • Heat and sun damage:
    In summer, relentless sun can accelerate roofing material deterioration. UV rays may lead to cracks, warping, and fading, compromising aesthetics and protection. Extreme heat can cause materials to expand/contract, leading to structural issues.

  • Heavy rain and storms:
    Water, a roof's insidious foe, can exploit weaknesses during heavy rains, causing water damage and leaks. Storms often bring strong winds that turn debris into projectiles, potentially causing significant roof damage.

  • Snow and ice:
    Winter wonderlands bring concerns. Accumulated snow's weight strains the roof's structure, and ice dams block drainage, risking water damage. The freeze-thaw cycle can exacerbate existing roof issues.

  • High winds:
    Destructive winds can lift or remove shingles, expose underlayment, and cause structural damage. Debris post-windstorm accumulation can block gutters and downspouts, compromising the roof's integrity.

Seasonal Maintenance Checklist


Here's how you can maintain your roof throughout the year:

  • Spring:
    Look for missing shingles, leaks, or structural damage caused by winter weather.
    Prevent water buildup by ensuring debris-free gutters.

  • Summer:
    Inspect for signs of blistering, cracking, or warping due to heat.
    Trim branches to prevent potential damage from falling trees or branches during summer storms.

  • Fall:
    Inspect and repair roof damage before winter sets in.
    Clear fall leaves from gutters for proper drainage during winter.

  • Winter:
    Safely remove excess snow to prevent structural damage.
    Regularly inspect and take preventive measures against ice dams to avoid water damage.

A well-maintained roof is your best defence against extreme weather. Use this checklist to keep your roof in top condition throughout the seasons.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Signs that you may need a new roof are:

  • A leaking roof

  • Peeling paint on ceilings and walls

  • Water stains on ceilings

  • Wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions


Watch for these signs and take proper measures before there is further damage. We will help you identify the potential problems with your current roof and how to fix them. Check out our list of FAQs to learn more about replacing or repairing your roof and even which roof colour to choose. You can also learn more about maintaining your roof through the different seasons.

Preventive Roof Inspection
A roof continuously needs maintenance. A roof in good condition saves you money by being energy efficient; you can minimize heating costs in the winter and so on. A well maintained roof is an important factor in the resale of your home or commercial space. Contact our team of professional roofing specialists to conduct a thorough evaluation. We will examine the components of your roof and the potential hazards you should be aware of.
A quality roofing inspection can save you money in the long run. Perform repairs now before a small leak leads to major damage.
Here are some tips for preventive maintenance:

  • Remove all debris on the roof

  • Clear the drains

  • Look for holes, bulges and cracks on the roof surface

  • Inspect roof penetrations such as pipes, drains and vents

  • Inspect the rooftop perimeter for mould

  • Inspect the flashing at walls and curbs for punctures or damage

  • Examine the sealant

There are many strong indications you require repairs:

  • Cracked or buckling shingles

  • Shingle pieces found in your eavestrough

  • Shingle pieces found around your house

Call T & N Roofing if you have additional questions regarding roof repair in Kamloops.



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