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Professional Re-Roofing Services in Kamloops

The roof of your building is your primary source of protection against the elements. Over time, even with regular maintenance, any roof will weaken and start to show its age. Exposure to the weather, functionality of other roof components, accidents, and other factors can shorten its life.


The T & N Roofing team in Kamloops can help you better understand your roof's condition and walk you through the re-roofing process.

After a thorough assessment of your roof, our experts can help you make an appropriate decision:

What is Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is just that - tearing everything down to the deck and putting on new felt and shingles. This can be done no matter how many layers of shingles are on your roof. This process is more effective than the process of going over an exisitng roof (which is no longer best practice), it eradicates all hidden issues with the original shingles on your roof.

How Do I Decide When to Replace my Roof?

Figuring out what’s best for your home depends on what issues you’re experiencing when it comes to your roof. Re-roofing can be a great solution when your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan but is still sturdy enough to last a little longer with the help of new shingles. Have your home and roof checked by an expert to ensure there are no major issues, damage, soggy shingles, and no large amounts of moss or mildew.


Additional Benefits of Re-roofing:

  • Increases your property’s value
  • Reduces repairs and maintenance costs
  • Prevents minor roofing issues from deteriorating further
  • Your roof looks better
  • Prevents water leaks
  • Keeps your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (reducing energy bills)

Roof Replacement: 7 Warning Signs

Here are a few areas to look at that can help you determine if you need a new roof or not:


Roof Age

A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts for about 20 to 25 years. It depends on when the re-roofing process was done and if there is proper ventilation between the shingles or not. If your roof was layered and repaired in the past, and is more than 20 years old, then roof replacement chances are high.


Curling & Buckling of Shingles

If your shingles are curling, buckling, and losing granules, it means that they are past their life expectancy. This can be spotted with the help of direct sunlight and usually calls for an immediate roof replacement.


Roof Valleys

If the shingles in the valley of your roof are falling apart, then it's a sign you need a new roof. They are one of the most critical areas of the roof as they guide any snow or water build-up to flow into the sewers. Any damage in this area can cause leaks, and if the weight of the snow gets too much, then your roof can collapse as well.


Missing Shingles

All the shingle tabs must remain intact. If you see multiple missing pieces, it means that it’s time to get a new roof installed.


Chimney Flashing

If there is roof cement or tar in your chimney flashing, then it needs to be replaced with a more water-tight solution that lasts longer. A metal flashing is recommended in this case.


Shingles Found in the Sewer

If your roof shingles end up in the drainage gutters and sewers under your roof, it means that your roof isn't strong enough anymore to even let the water seep through without falling apart. This is an indicator of the expired life expectancy of your roof.


Contact T & N Roofing in Kamloops

If you have any questions or would like us to assess your roof in case you might be in need of a re-roofing on your Kamloops home, give us a call. We even offer free quotes so you know exactly what you’re getting into.


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Our roofing professionals in Kamloops can determine what kind of repair or replacement work needs to be done on your roof and provide you with a free estimate!

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